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Race info

Nordic Cross Country Championships

Sweden 2021

Sunday 7th November Lida, Tullinge. www.tullingefriidrott.se/NM2021

About the race venue at Lida friluftsgård:

Lida is a popular facility for sports and outdoor recreation, situated approximately 30 km south of Stockholm city centre in Tullinge, Botkyrka Municipality.


Overview of Lida friluftsgård. Photo: Leif Wallin.

For more information on Lida, please check out: http://www.lida.nu/

Outline of race course:

The race course is situated in the open areas surrounding Lida friluftsgård. The course is 1500 m per lap and include parts with lawn grass and woodland (75%) and dirt road/gravel (25%). The runners are visible for the spectators most parts of the course. Total climb per lap is approximately 25 metres.

Race course, overview:



Start                             500m                     1000m



Calling and start-line. Running direction.


Forest passage, 350 m


View over lake Getaren: 200 m and 500 m passage


900 m passage (right) and finish-line (left)

imagena3ft.png Path down by lake Getaren, 600 m passage towards the lowest point on the course

Race venue, other facilities:

The national teams have access to different buildings at Lida friluftsgård on race-day.


Building called Svealand: Finland and Norway national teams. Separate rooms. Toilet, fridge, beds, drinking water.

Building called Götaland: Iceland and Denmark national teams. Separate rooms. Toilets, drinking water.

Building called Naturporten: Sweden national team and race office. Separate rooms. Toilets, microwave, drinking water.

Showers, toilets and saunas! (bring private towel!). The showers and changing rooms are also open to the public during race-day, but few visitors are expected.

Programme 7 november:

Time: Activity:

09:30: Children and youth open race, 7-12 years, 1,5 km

10:00: Junior women, 6 km

10:30: Junior men, 6 km

11:00: Senior women, 9 km

11:45: Senior men, 9 km

12:15: Långa Tullinge-Tumbaloppet open race, 20 km (separate course)

12:30: Masters 35-65 & Masters 70+, 7,5 & 4,5 km respectively

12:45: Price ceremony, juniors

13:15: Price ceremony, seniors

13:30: Price ceremony, masters


The lunch restaurant at Lida värdshus is open for the public from 10:00-16:00. The lunch for junior and senior athletes and coaches (must be ordered in advance to This is a mailto link) is served from 11:20 until 13:15 in a separated room. At the venue, the hosts are also selling coffee, snacks, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc (ourdoors).



Registration for other runners:

Extra runners in the junior and senior races:
The hosts and the competing countries have the right to let a reasonable number of additional runners (“club athletes”) of good quality to participate, e.g. to increase the interest of the local audience. However, the extra participants cannot win Nordic Championship titles nor medals. Those runners should be included in the formal registration procedure done by each national team to This is a mailto link. Entry fee is 350 sek.

Runners participating in the Nordic masters championship in cross country should registrate at This is a mailto link no later than the 25th of October. Please state full name, gender, age, age-group, nationality and name of club. Swedish runners can also enter the Nordic championships at the Swedish championships in cross country in Höganäs 23-24th of October. Get in contact with (legendary runner) Karin Schön at This is a mailto link or at the venue.

20 km open race:
Please see information on www.tullingefriidrott.se. Please registrate for the race at Anmälan - Tullinge FIF - Friidrott - IdrottOnline Klubb (tullingefriidrott.se) The race fee is 300 Sek. You can also enter the race on the 7th of November, total fee 350 Sek.

Youth race:
Kids wanting to run the open race, 1,5 km, can just turn up! No registration! Be sure to be at the start-area at 9.25 at the latest.

How to find and get to Lida:

Visiting address: Lidavägen 1, Tullinge

GPS: N 59 9´ 48.24" E 17 52´ 54.84"

Athletes part of the junior and senior races travel to Lida by private bus from Scandic hotel in Kungens Kurva, Huddinge, as indicated in the official race information. The information below does not apply to athletes and officials from the national teams.

Other athletes (Masters and participants in the 20 km open race) and spectators may reach Lida by commuter train (Tullinge city centre), public bus or private car.

Public bus:

The bus, number 721, departures Tullinge at 08:25. The bus leaves Lida at 14:48.


We might – depending on demand - organise a transfer from Tullinge commuter train station to Lida and back. If you need transfer, please e-mail This is a mailto link well in advance of November 7th. Cost: 100 SEK per person (return ticket). There is a free parking lot in Tullinge (”park and ride”).

If requested, the transfer to Lida is between hours 08:45-10:15 in the morning.

If requested, the transfer from Lida back to Tullinge station is between hours 14:15-15:00.

By train:

The commuter train on the Märsta-Stockholm-Södertälje-branch reaches Tullinge 4-6 times an hour. Tullinge is 22 minutes from Stockholm city centre. In addition, just North of Tullinge is a major train station, Flemingsberg, with over 100 arrivals and departures per day.

By car:

By car you reach Lida from the E4/E20 motorway, Hågelbyleden, Glömstaleden and Huddingevägen. Lida is situated 8 km from Huddingevägen/Pålamalmsvägen.


You reach Lida friluftsgård by car or public bus from the regional major road, Huddingevägen or Tullinge city centre. However, the bus is not very frequent on Sundays. Photo: Leif Wallin.



Map over regional roads (in red) leading to Lida friluftsgård (Lidavägen 1).

About the hosts:

Tullinge Athletics club (Tullinge friidrott) is a relatively new and fast growing athletic club based in Tullinge, Botkyrka. The club consists of about 40 coaches and 400 members – most of them children and juniors. Tullinge friidrott organises several popular local cross-country races during the year.


Huddinge Athletics club (Huddinge AIS friidrott) is one of the largest athletic clubs in Sweden with around 1000 members and several athletes competing in national and international championships. Huddinge AIS friidrott is a very experienced organiser of different races on road, track and in cross-country. Huddinge was the host of the 2017 Swedish cross-country championship.


Don’t hesitate to contact us!

The contact details below are for general issues only. For entries of athletes, please use email: This is a mailto link

Website for the Nordic Championships 2021: www.tullingefriidrott.se/NM2021

Tullinge friidrott/Tullinge athletics club:

Johan Faskunger, Mobile 0046 (0)70-272 33 99, E-mail: This is a mailto link

Website: www.tullingefriidrott.se

Huddinge AIS friidrott/ Huddinge athletics club

Per Öhrland, 0046 (0)70-675 87 99, This is a mailto link

Website: https://huddingeais.se/

Swedish Athletics Federation:

Daniel Bergin, 073-626 17 33, This is a mailto link

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